Dell XPS 13 (2015) Ultrabook Review

it's been awhile since I've exclusively work of oven notebook almost eight years in fact and when the opportunity arose to review the new Dell XPS 13 I was has an app first to leave the comfort of my triple LC I some home PC setup, but that during has brought me here a review, up the last notebook you may ever need the record and stream in 1080 P in 60 fps with DVD is extreme can view 3, now hold disclosure I've never been a fan of doubt in fact working retailers give me a predispose native opinion of the company based on the fact that customers usually came in with broken Dell's or customers on the phone asking where to find proprietary del RAM so they can upgrade their dying laptops

so going into this review I wasn't expecting to be wowed that would change so our contact at Dell sent us over an entire a care package for XPS 13 everything arrived in this awesome box lined with foam and inside we found a backpack with many zippers a premium sleeve for the XPS, a power brick portable power companion, Adele 4 in 1 USB 3 travel adapter, and of course the Dell XPS 13

now it's is important to note that the XPS 13 that you buy might not come with all these extra goodies so just add up let star of the specs or model that we received the XPS 13 as you might have guessed has the 13-inch screen in an 11-point nine-inch body actually measures 304 million years by 20 min me is for those wondering and it weighs in at 2.8 pounds for the touchscreen model

this one speaking touchscreen has Dell's fancy culture shock you HD Plus infinity display more on that later and the CPU is an Intel Core i5 5200 you gigabytes of ddr3 RAM 256 gigabytes of storage and Intel 5500 graphics the machined billet aluminum exterior of the Dell XPS is simply gorgeous and I truly mean that in terms of the eye on the down we have the power in Mini Display Port one USB 3 ports headset in and a bundle when pressed tells you battery life, moving past the indicator for battery we have one up to side firing speakers on the right hand side we have another speaker, a4 size SD card reader another USB 3 ports,, and a Kensington lock now if you don't think this is enough parts for you, you can actually get you some wannabes handy dandy travel adapters applause in 21 the USB ports and gives you an extra HDMI VGA Ethernet and a USB to port

now on the inside we have the IPS touch display or the Infiniti's display as del closet with edge to edge Corning Gorilla Glass so we got a 5.2 millimeter bezel and how delicate sheep this worst move the webcam from its normal standard top middle position down to the bottom left corner now this may have seems like a bit of a bizarre move on does part but the location works out taking selfish and having any sort video conferencing calls and it's well worth having out near borderless screen rather than having more depth added to the final product, on the keyboard cited things we have a white backlit chic let keyboard with a precision touchpad surrounded by carbon fiber palm rest now we all know I'm a sucker for carbon fiber onto the experience with that Dell XPS 13 I spent more than a week with the unit so far but the first thing that impressed me other than the notebook itself was the included power adapter Alice tiny thing can take three different forms and here's what I mean

the power adapter can either lay flat or stand straight and what if this isn't long enough with the cable unraveled well just the touch this portion attach the standard Mickey mouse head plug in you have a traditional power adapter with wires coming out both ends I mean let's face it if you buy a sexy notebook like this and it came with the giant traditional power brick you'd be pretty miserable to speaking of power my experience with battery life has been above average so far compared to other notebooks and ultrabooks with the Dell XPS lasting 15 hours with copious consumption up medium albeit that far from that claimed 15 our started by Dell with Intel’s wireless web benchmark five hours isn't enough well you can squeeze a bit more Jews are the XPS with the optional Dell power companion this twelve thousand million power bank will provide your XPS 13 with more battery life empower other devices while like phones or tablets I just find it redone didn't that you actually need the XPS is power or adopter to charge the power back

kind defeats the whole purpose I mean the power bank if you have the charger I mean wise will use charges that Arabic but top 1000 Mile empowered that's a lot and it comes with different adapters for different does as well so that's cool the keyboard was probably the hardest thing to get used to all the Dell XPS 13 maybe it's just been my years abuse are mechanical keyboards but I being felt weird at times and there are a bunch times right just wanted a plug a mechanical keyboard just the right this review but the one upside to the keyboard that it is a backlit making it a whole lot easier to work in a doc still the keyboard IQ is the biggest letdown out the XPS 13 watching content on XPS is quite a delight with the 3200 by 1800 resolution no black bars on the top or bottom one watching YouTube videos and that's all we really want is an no black bars US now even though that sounds like an unusual perk it definitely provides more immersive experience while consuming media but with that being said are you didn't have some minor backlight bleeding on the bottom half to the left and right sides which does take away from the beauty of the almost Bester screen, the sidebar speakers are surprisingly loud for all to pick up the size I mean to be fair I wasn't expecting dealt the lover on the hillside things which resulted in me being taken aback so

the speakers a good so who is the Dell XPS 13 meant for honestly with different price points and specs ranging from core i3 to core i7 level of performance I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for portability empower without having to go over to the apple cider things what I said okay the Dell XPS 13 is definitely a contender for anyone looking to get a Mac Book air but might want stick with Windows and or not sell their soul for Mac, that's just my opinion.

all kidding aside I've always had bad impressions up Dell products in general and with the Dell XPS 13 shown up during the past CES I was definitely intrigued to say the least and when the opportunity arose to review the XPS I have my doubts at first it handled everything after added from running the script to repine emails and watching TV shows and watching movies but this past week and have spent with the XPS 13 has really got me to think will this be the last notebook you may ever need I would think yes until downsized improve on XPS by adding USB Type C,  just saying so that's it for this quick is review of the Dell XPS 13.

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