Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

I thought I'd try something a little bit different you know Dell makes these XPS ultrabooks, they're nice ultrabooks for a Windows effect this one has a Windows eight key on it but I running Windows 8 on here this is running Ubuntu Linux this is the Dell XPS 13 developer edition and it is a Linex laptops at the first the dell has sold but it's been a while since we've seen one it's got a boon to 1204 long term support version on it now that's important explain why a second I in it runs at the box beautifully the camera works a nice HD camera keyboard trackpad one other problems a lot of people have with putting limits on existing laptop is going that track better be responsive to work well in this one does because Dell's provide all the drivers for all the hardware them

 they made Uses our sources the hardware they make sure that Ubuntu 1204 worked fine and it does and you might want stay with 1204 LTS because if you go to a version 13 as I did things may not work quite as well the drivers may not be as readily available I found one thing that broke immediately was chrome because somehow for some reason Ubuntu and never Jan 13 eliminated the key library the crime was using crumbs Google's fix this by offering a chrome install that fixes that labor buttery awhile to figure out what was going on and that's really the problem if you're a Olympics geek you're goanna love this but I can't recommend Line is an alternative desktop for anybody who would normally be in the market for Windows or Mac

it's a pretty beefy machine it's gotten three-point up to 3.1 gigahertz, i7 in here eight gigs ddr3 RAM, a 256 gigabytes SSD so it's fast and I love the screen in 1920 by 1080 13.38 screen very high resolution very crisp I it doesn't say IPS but I think it must be IPS given that I cant did look at this angle and read the screen very clearly I'm it's a really spectacular screen at that resolution you know 9020 I by 1080 on a 13 screen this is the kind thing latex kicks love because they have a nice big terminal they get a nice big I D E they can have a chat working running they'd like to have more on your, it does have a AL at nice a mini display port on the side and I was able to drive a variety among others with that no problem it's even got usb3 and USB to you to ports on it no SD card I am and the keyboard doesn't light up which does your couple things that people buy windows left us maybe a little surprised at under three pounds its light its then no optical drive but a very nice developer edition a tell you a course if your Linux kin you probably part of the fun of it is getting a two-run on Windows hardware but if you don't want spend the energy doing that this is a great choice for a developer anybody who wants to use latex just pure straight at the box I did a couple customization some us right away I'm not a fan of the Unity desktop that would who is chosen for 1204 so I replaced it with the ex Ubuntu's Xfce desktop action using X Ubuntu desktop with Xfce that's a nice lightweight effect Linus Torvalds recommend said he says I don't like unity either, so he uses Xfce not a perfect desktop but that's where the Vantage is a flex very customizable

pros and cons are or what I didn't mention the biggest but I'll save it for the cons a pros and cons on this the Pro is fabulous screen it is Linex at the box works great everything works great and it's a high end laptop with a lot of nice features const no backlit keyboard I am that kind of a negative and lack of an SD card I am out mostly though the biggest con is the price 1649 dollars this is a pricey laptop I after 1549 1649 is that is this starting price but for some reason tell the San ever sell it at that price they take a hundred bucks off the top okay 1549 still very pricey pretty much the same prices are Acer s7 which arguably has some a advantages over if you're good with clinics and drivers I am I think you probably just buy a Windows laptop and the pull-in excite yourself is so strange though to see a Windows 8 K I connect a laptop come on tell make you Kb how was a good pop this one of put one with the talks on OK would you do me a favor that's ridiculous at least they do take off the windows inside and they do give you a little Ubuntu logo on the bottom I do I love how it feels it's fun having a Linux laptop that works so well at the box but I have to say it's a don't buy simply because the price you can get a cheaper laptop or a laptop with more features at the same price pull-in excite yourself

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