Dell XPS 13 Laptop specs review - 2015 model

2015 the year that my mom's finally lost the battle on their display, is the Dell XPS 30 mister the 2015 version, this is the laptop that we saw at CES back in January this is the Dell laptop it's an ultra-portable a 13-inch laptop basically an 11-inch form factors of you familiar with the 11-inch MacBook Air, it's like the 11-inch MacBook Air but the screen size, is comparable to that have a 13 inch laptop and how they were able to do that was basically by eliminating the basil around the LCD the lid is basically all scream, there's not much of a basilar to speak up after seeing it and using it I believe that all laptop LCD is will follow this design in short order

this is like when they added much to laptops yes once upon a time laptop did not have an integrated pointing device was just a keyboard and then somebody said we need to fix that and then Compaq tried to put a trackball on the LCD screen and then that didn't work and it was just a mess and so here we are finally somebody was like we finally have the technology to eliminate the laptop LCD bezel and thus was born this you know it's gorgeous really is no reason not to do it this way.

the XPS 13 is a little thicker and heavier than I expected though but it somehow doesn't feel bulky it does feel solid and well engineered, the lid is equal parts aluminum frame fuse with the relatively fixed touch class you can see this sort of looking at the edge but is fused to so while they don't detect me give at all even pushing on the back to this it feels like one piece if you like what I would expect something from Star Trek true like because the changes to the LCD, the webcam has to be located in the lower left-hand side of the display this is really the only sort of Basel area to speak up sort is at the bottom of the display, so that's where they stuck the webcam this is the maximum angle that the display can be open to the lower part of the keyboard is aluminum and service carbon fiber bill says its carbon fiber with touch-friendly paint or something but it feels like carbon fiber and it doesn't really give when you push down on it the only complaint I have here is the code else is the key word travels 1.3 mil meters I say the last point one millimeters at that feels like you're smashing the key into some sort of up like oatmeal I guess just the way those keys bottom out just not very satisfying to me on this is that this is really in new pics I don't read too much into that

the touchpad however is the largest I've ever seen on a 13 inch Dell it's also the best touchpad that I have ever used on any Dell hands down Bell has finally got the track pad exactly right the track pad on the 2014 XPS was rubbish and I’m glad to see that it has finally been fixed on the edges or USB 3.0 port with power share this means you can use a laptop battery to charge phone for example when the laptop is off you just plug cable into a put your phone into its like an auxiliary battery pack a mini Display Port Jack we test this at 4k 60-hertz much to my surprise it worked flawlessly the first time did have a bit drivers and helpful with it but which is to grow the box put into a 4k Display Port 1.2 monitor and it worked perfectly I was blown away has one headset jack 01 noble Lockport that's like the security Lockport an SD card reader in another USB 3 ports on the other side doesn't have USB 3.1 and the power adapter is just a normal you know micro bear old-style DC adapter the power brick though is tiny and really lightweight it comes with both a power cable because from the wall to the brick and this little sort of adapter religious order clip it onto the into the power brick a minute to talk directly to the wall about this is a nice touch a lot of people sort expect this now and about half the laptops out there come with this arrangement we can use a cable or the wall adapter people to travel a lot and 10+2 prefers or the wall efforts that I have to keep another table with them in the way the cable wraps from the adapters preemie

the cooling situation on this laptop is  pretty good on the bottom of the laptop there are two raised to rubber feet this has the effect absorb lifting the laptop of the work surface that you're working on running almost the entire with the laptop is a air vent has designed a poll air in from under the laptop normally this air will be exhausted arm in the LCD him up Sony LCD is open there's a gap between the LCD hinge area in the back the laptop into the air the warm air will be blown out there it'll just exhaust out up naturally even though this laptop is not as thin and light as offerings from other vendors I think it's thin and light enough is remarkably starting really feel solid you know your hands are really feels like they can carry around like to be a little bit rough with it and it's not goanna break it doesn't give in my hands doesn't really flex it doesn't do anything weird the RAM is soldered on so whatever Remy order it with his whatever Ramos goanna have now until the end of time but our friends I fix it tore this thing down in the internal him say the hard drive is not so theoretically that can be replaced and the replacement for them so hard I really didn't look like it will be that challenging although we haven't broken down this model yet another neat thing that's worth a mention is that this laptop is also available with Ubuntu how about who is the in New Linux operating system which is cool if you're into that kind thing although a lot of people seem to be opting to swap the Mini PCI wireless card for the other removable components on this with something that is better supported Ubuntu it's weird because the one that this ships with is supported in Ubuntu but apparently it bug you flick your something when the laptop wakes up from sleep or in other situations and so the consensus on the forms right now seems to be to just swap the hard work but I would be surprised by some fixed in short order in it does work out of the box is just an annoyance

overall I'm really impressed with his laptop this is a 13-inch laptop, in an 11 inch form factor with a full-size keyboard you know for 13 inch form factor a 13-inch display the display is a gorgeous 3200 by 1800 it is amazing I think all displays need this now bill doesn't actually let you get the 3200 by 1800 display and once you also get a touch version, don't get the touch for your own a good night but any for going on these pictures to get the touch screen and make sure that you're getting the for 200 by 18 100 every the spring but I was really goanna get 1920 by 1080 I think you'll be disappointed by that bob has been the overview and quick benchmarking the Dell XPS 13 2015 addition be sure to check out those benchmarks affection did not come and if you've got all these or you pick one up when you have some party running Ubuntu on other some

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